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How To UME

I  SIP. First, enjoy UME  by sipping on its own over ice. 2 oz of UME contains less than 90 calories

II MIX. Next, add a splash of club soda and an optional squeeze of lemon or lime

II EXPERIMENT. Pair UME with your favorite base spirit (e.g., vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey, sparkling wine). Use 1-2 parts of UME for every 1 part base spirit of your choice. Stir over ice and top with club soda or tonic. Add a slice of citrus or other fruit on hand.

IV ELEVATE. Check out our favorite UME cocktails above, designed by award-winning mixologists. OR if you have a favorite cocktail, simply substitute UME for the secondary spirit (e.g., the vermouth in a martini, the cointreau in a margarita). Always use at least 1 oz of UME to showcase the color and flavor. 

V SHARE.  The World of UME that we are creating represents adventure, open-mindedness and above all else a celebration of our ability to be together - U & ME.

Can't get enough UME? Check out our recipes for cooking with UME here


All cocktails devised and hand-crafted by mixology mastermind and UME Head of Sales, Luis Hernandez. Luis is an award-winning mixologist, featured in GQ, Buzzfeed, WSJ, Gothamist among many others.

For more original cocktail recipes and ethereal twists on timeless classics follow us on Instagram @drinkume.

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