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In the spirit of Women’s Month, UME is honored to partner with The Brigid Alliance, an incredible organization that gets women to abortion care, whatever it takes. Throughout the month of March, UME will support The Brigid Alliance’s critical mission through the following initiatives:

  1. Donate 10% of net sales purchased through our online retailer,

  2. Partner with restaurants, bars and event spaces to create Women’s Month cocktail specials and/or host events that support the cause; Donate 10% of net sales on every case purchased by our Women’s Month partners

  3. Sponsor events throughout the month – follow our Instagram @drinkUME for details

How to Support

to The Brigid Alliance

10% of sales go to The Brigid Alliance

For Event and Partnership Inquiries, email:

About The Brigid Alliance

The Brigid Alliance is the only national organization working to provide long-distance travel and other practical support for abortion access. They arrange and fund confidential travel, lodging, childcare, and logistical assistance, closing the gap between the need for an abortion and the ability to access one. In addition to bus or plane tickets, gas and parking, The Brigid Alliance arranges and pays for food, lodging, mobile phones to maintain communication and — for the majority of abortion seekers who already have young children —childcare. Their full-time, client-facing coordinators are trained to deliver non-judgmental, trauma-informed, and compassionate support; the funding they provide is unconditional.

The Brigid Alliance has deep relationships not only with abortion clinics, but with the hotels and other funding and practical support groups that provide support for their clients.

About UME

Led by our founder, Jenn Toyzer, UME was developed from our team’s passion for building an inclusive community and spreading joy.

The World of UME that we are creating is about adventure, open-mindedness, and above all a celebration of our ability to be together - U & ME. Inclusivity, respect, integrity and, above all, love are the core values of UME. In UME’s World, we welcome anyone who comes with an open heart and curious mind.

Our Mission

UME’s mission is to positively impact and spread joy in the communities that we touch. We are committed to utilizing our platform to support disadvantaged and marginalized communities with the fundamental belief that every person deserves to be treated with equal rights, dignity, acceptance and love.

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