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The Purple Potion For A New Era

UME Plum Liqueur royal purple spirit refreshing cocktail spritzer aperitif



A delightfully tart, mildly sweet plum spirit featuring a show-stopping royal purple hue.

Enjoy UME chilled over ice or mixed in gem-toned twists on classic cocktails....


Made from all-natural plums, grapes, & black cherries, with hints of green apple and lemon


UME dances on the tongue, buoys the soul, and transports the spirit with its luminescent purple hue


17% ABV, gluten free, with half the sugar of similar apéritifs. Produced responsibly in California

A Beautiful Display of UME Plum Liqueur and a Bowl of Fruit

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UME Plum Liqueur is a delightfully tart royal purple spirit for cocktails



UME's founders, Jenn Toyzer and Katy Brandes, enjoy a close-knit group of weird and wonderful friends with whom they share a passion for creating delightful, surprising events — experiential parties, themed dinners, and perfectly-balanced cocktails. 


On their quest to curate the ultimate experience, they struggled to find a beverage to meet the occasion...


Inspired by the unique flavor profile and multi-cultural tradition of plum liqueurs, UME was created with a vision of bringing to market a drink that is an experience in and of itself. 


The founders’ relationship was forged from a shared passion for building an inclusive community and sharing joy.

“The World of UME that we are creating is about adventure, open-mindedness, and above all a celebration of our ability to be together - U & ME.”

- Conjured with Love and Magic by Jenn and Katy

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